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Moments of Fall

So, I guess it’s still Fall, and will be till December 22nd! That means I have a Fall birthday this year, and actually, most of December is in Fall this year…what’s up with that? This seems so odd to me… Anyway, we’ve been busy, in a good way, and I don’t really have a lot …


Piece of My Heart

I was going to write this at the beach so the words would be fresh and pure, but like a smart vacationer, I didn’t bring my laptop. So this is the bottled up version that I carried back with me. I don’t remember when it started, my love affair with the ocean – my first …


TEE ball, that is… Finally, this is what happens when I’m in the next room, not supervising her finger painting. She came out and told me she needed more paint… Please follow and share!

Fleeting Beauty

Some of my favorite things about Spring are, unfortunately, very short-lived. Tulips and flowering trees in bloom. Their colors dazzle for maybe a week or two, and then they are gone again till next year. I wish so much the colors of Spring lasted longer, but maybe it is the scarcity of these vivid blooms …

Welcome, Spring!

As we cheerfully welcome Spring to our house, not a moment too soon, I’m clearing off my cameras to get ready for lots more picture taking during my upcoming favorite seasons! We actually got out last week on one of the beautiful evenings and shot the photos below. Hopefully soon the brown grass in these …

Happy Pills

Recently Ronnie pulled out his guitar and spent an hour on the couch picking at the strings, trying to learn Skyler’s favorite Shinedown song. The sound of a guitar being played in the quiet of our house took me back to my childhood, where that seemed to be a common sound heard throughout the house. …

Pride and Joy

Pride: Watching my husband go all out in his first strongman competition. Joy: Celebrating Skyler’s 3rd birthday and watching her open all her new Mickey Mouse/Goofy presents. Please follow and share!


Ronnie and I are blessed to have lots of great friends and in the summer, a seemingly endless supply of social events for our calendar. I counted from the beginning of May, that we could potentially go and do something every single weekend until September. And even then I think that month is already half …

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