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18" x 24" Painting of two dogs on a boat

How to choose a pet portrait artist

So you’ve decided to memorialize your fur baby or give someone a unique gift by getting a pet portrait created! This is such a fun and meaningful gift to yourself or someone special, so it’s important you consider your options when searching for a pet portrait artist. I’ve put together some tips and considerations to …

Helping the community through art, COVID-19 edition

I probably don’t need to explain what’s going on with COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus that’s been spreading across the globe for the last few months. I have no intention of spreading hysteria with this post, but rather to do what I can to spread positivity while helping some of those most impacted by the …

And now I’m a pet portrait artist!

Sometimes life moves along at it’s weird pace of too fast and too slow and the changes that come along with it are gradual. You suddenly realize you no longer have a baby or toddler anymore, but you’re not sure when it happened. Or you realize you’re 20 lbs heavier than you were five years …

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