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beach-profileWhat is Beautiful Mess Mama?
It’s my two cents about this crazy, messy, beautiful life. I’m an introvert so writing blog posts is also an attempt at making connections without actually having to open my mouth. We all see the world a different way – I’m just trying to make sense of my perspective with these words. They’re personal, probably boring to most people, but maybe something will resonate with someone out there.

This post was spreading through Facebook years ago, so since I took the time to do it there, I figured it would also make a great “about me” page here. I filled it out several years ago and made a few updates recently…it’s a little safe and shallow and could probably be way more open and honest. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough …

1) I never really wanted kids. Now I can’t imagine life without Skyler – she is the most wonderful accident/blessing! I thought we were one and done, and we were good with that, got rid of all Skyler’s stuff a few years ago, settled into the “easier” life of parenting one fairly self-sufficient 7-year-old, and somehow wound up pregnant again with another baby girl in 2015. Figures!

2) I love my family fiercely and will fight tooth and nail for my husband and daughters. They are my everything. We’ve been through a ton as a family – hell and survival and joy and miracles. And I wouldn’t trade any of it.

3) My faith/spirituality is very personal to me. It has grown leaps and bounds over the years. I accept my uniqueness as God has made me and trust whatever His purpose is for me in this life.

4) I am very independent person and need my space. I’m mostly an introvert, though I love to have a good time out and really enjoy people watching! But I suck at small talk.

5) I really love wine. Chilled white wine for warm seasons, smooth red wine when it’s chilly out.

6) I hate confrontation, but I’ve always been a natural at conflict resolution.

7) I love learning. Give me a topic I’m excited about and I will research and obsess about it for hours or days on end. I want to know WHY everything happens. With that, I love teaching/training. Sharing knowledge and ideas with others gives me great satisfaction.

8) I have “night terrors.” Not nightmares, but hallucinations that happen somewhere between sleep and wake. Sometimes they involve spiders falling on me, or maybe the ceiling fan, a figure in the room, or just random colors/shapes. They rarely frighten me anymore – I’ve grown so used to it that I can snap out of it quickly and then get back to sleep.

9) I love going to concerts and it doesn’t really matter who’s performing and if I like them or not. Same with big sporting events. I guess I just love a fun crowd.

10) I am fairly artistically inclined, though I don’t do much with it these days, and I regret that.

11) I love the outdoors. I used to limit myself to thinking you could only enjoy the outdoors on beaches or in the mountains, but this year I vowed to change that because I was starving for nature. So I’ve taken up hiking – we try to get to the local trails as a family every few weeks, and I try to get out for a quick trail run as much as possible. I’d like to eventually backpack the Grand Canyon, so you know, you gotta start somewhere!

12) I attended an old fashioned one-room schoolhouse in 3rd through 5th grade in Nebraska. The highest enrollment the school had when I was there was 10 kids. I was the only one in my grade. And I think it was a really cool experience.

13) I really don’t like serious movies. I’d be perfectly happy to only watch comedies for the rest of my life.

14) I plan vacations that I never take on a regular basis. If money were no object, I’d be a travel agent for the fun of it. I love travelling but fear flying.

15) I am not a fan of talking on the phone and do everything possible to avoid it. Text messaging is wonderful!

16) Along with the previous point – I am much more skilled at writing than I am at talking, however in recent years I’ve gained a lot of confidence in the speaking part. Maybe my give-a-$#!& about what other people is just fading as I age.

17) I used to have my eyebrow pierced and most of the time I wish I still had it. I’m kinda proud of my eyebrows. My Grandpa was an eyebrow man and taught me how to shape them. I owe my eyebrows to him and cherish that memory.

18) I am a planner. I love to have plans and make plans. Nothing drives me more crazy than when I have nothing scheduled to look forward to.

19) I cannot fall asleep wearing socks. In fact I am not a fan of socks and weather permitting, would wear flip-flops/sandals year round. I care so little about socks, that many times, they don’t even match (each other OR my outfit).

20) I am very frugal. When it comes to shopping, I choose quantity over quality. I appreciate unique, artistic pieces and would spend money for that and an amazing pair of jeans, but otherwise, your expensive taste does nothing for me.

21) I come from a very musical family. I can carry a tune and used to play the piano very well. I know if I practiced up I could play well again. Ronnie got me a piano a couple years ago and I wish it did more than sit and look pretty, but I struggle finding the time and energy to practice and enjoy playing again.

22) I do not think or speak well on the spot. I need time to soak things in and ponder.

23) I really love food. I’ve studied nutrition and learned to cook and feel I’ve found a great balance between choosing foods that nourish my body and taste delicious. I know when to let loose and just enjoy food as a part of life and I know how junky food makes me feel to know when enough is enough.

24) I love dogs and have especially grown to love the bully breeds. I married into being a pitbull parent of Bruno. We picked up Elvis along the way, and then Rebel not long after Bruno passed away. They bring lots of joy, love, laughs, snuggles, messes, and occasionally make me want to shoot myself.

25) I hate politics, and don’t believe there are many things that are black and white in this world. I believe that love and kindness should guide our actions, and I [ignorantly] believe most people are inherently good. Unfortunately this leaves me disappointed quite often, but I’d rather have hope then walk around pessimistic about the world.

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  1. April 14, 2009 9:27 pm

    You forgot your two favorite sites 🙂

  2. Nora Vella permalink
    November 17, 2015 1:21 pm

    Your gift of writing is amazing! Free and mostly inspiring. Thankyou for sharing.

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